Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 17 Assignment - Results

Well, it's official!!  Potty training is kicking my butt!!  I don't know when it happened, but my sweet, lovable, angel daughter has turned into the most stubborn person I know!  Although we've had two successful potty poops in the last month, they were both a result of making her sit on the potty for AGES after she went a little in her pants.  Other than that, she just refuses to do it!  The funny thing is, after each successful one, she was so happy and proud saying that it wasn't so scary going in the potty...but unfortunately the euphoria doesn't last.  :(  I've tried everything from bribes to punishment to no avail.  Couple this with the fact that nap times may be coming to and end in this household and the end result is my "me time" may be becoming a thing of the past.   

So what did I accomplish this week???  Unfortunately not much.  I did get the "artwork" done for the bathroom and after several attempts I finally figured out how to use the stencil.  Funny how all I had to do was trust the people that made it and follow their directions to the letter!  :)  When they say you need to roll almost all of the paint off the roller onto a paper towel before using it on the stencil they actually mean it!!  Once I stopped trying to fight the stencil, it worked like a charm!!  What do you think...

I also spent the week making "Teacher Appreciation" projects which were a blast!  I made three "Mercury Glass" dollar store vases for "flower day" where each student brought one flower for each teacher.  The bouquets ended up being really adorable!!  I also made these M&M gifts that I found at Domestically Speaking and boy are they cute!!  :)...And check me out!  Finally learning how to make a photo collage in Picasa!!

So I guess the crown molding will wait for another time.  The good news is it doesn't look too bad even without being "finished"...or maybe that's the bad news.  I think if it looked like crap I'd be more motivated to get it done.  But since B-man's birthday is less than two weeks away it will have to wait!! It's time to get my Force on!  Maybe I can use the Force to help potty train the Pooptress!  :)

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