Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 6 Assignment - One Bathroom Down...One To Go!

Now that the Master Bath doesn't make me want to cry, I think it's time to tackle the Guest Bath.  I definitely have some challenges with this one...It is long and narrow with no windows and absolutely NOOOOO storage space!  And did I mention that the plaster is falling off the walls in chunks where it meets up with the tub?  Don't know what I'm going to do about that let's concentrate on what I am going to do!

To give you a frame of reference, here are some "before" pictures:
I know, I know...YIKES!!  

For my color palette, I browsed Design Seeds and decided on Color Lab (which ironically was posted on my 40th Birthday!):
Finding towels in the darker teal color and the green was a piece of cake, but I really wanted the darker gray color for my paint color and just couldn't find a match by eyeing it.  Luckily, I stumbled across two amazing tools that can take your picture and tell you the corresponding paint colors that appear in it!  The first one I found (and my favorite) is the Behr Color Smart app for iPhone.  Just click on any portion of a picture and it gives you the equivalent Behr paint color.  It isn't 100% accurate but it worked just fine for me and helped me find "Elk Horn" for my wall color.  Sherwin Williams has a similar web based tool - Chip It , but it doesn't work on mobile least not yet.  Chip It is a little different in that it doesn't let you choose a specific color in the photo but instead matches the colors it can, and when I tried to Chip It with the Color Lab photo it didn't have a match for the darker gray.  But between the two I imagine you can find whatever color tickles your fancy!

I'm also going to install "Crown Molding" in the Guest Bath!  Before you think Tracy's power tool tutorials have gone to my head, I should tell you it isn't your traditional crown molding.  It's made of foam and is installed using adhesive caulking.  They also precut your corners for you.   I found it at Creative Crown a year ago and have been dying to give it a try!  I ordered samples a while back and decided to go with the pre-primed molding because it has a much smoother finish.  It's supposed to arrive today!!
 If it works well in the Guest Bath my plan is to gradually do the rest of the house, since the only room that currently has crown molding is the infamous Master Bath.

I have more in store for the Guest Bathroom, but I think this is enough for this week.  The rest you'll just have to stay tuned for!  See you next week!

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