Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week 1 Assignment - Getting Organized

Well, now that the new year is here, my first assignment is to try and get the toy situation in our house under control.  Since Christmas our house has looked like a Toys R Us threw up all over it and enough is enough!  :)  I found this project on Pinterest and I think it's a winner!

Currently our kids, Bradan (4) and Brenna (2) have separate rooms, but we are thinking of moving them into the same room and making the other bedroom a "playroom" (that being said...if anyone has any insight/advice on room sharing I'd love to hear it!) so I plan on making Bradan's in a blue and brown theme (which matches his current room) and Brenna's pink and brown (which matches hers) so if we do combine rooms they will coordinate well.  I found this fabulous tutorial from Laura Gunn at Paint in My Hair so I'm hoping it ends up being as easy as it sounds!  Wish me luck!!  See you next week!

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